EMC Senior Adviser Nget Chou: "If You Want Happiness and Freedom, You Must Save Five Assets!"​

Each person born into this world has always longed for happiness and freedom in their life journey. In line with this mindset, Mr. Nget Chou, a EMC senior adviser and an ecomonic analyst, said that to achieve this happiness and freedom, everyone must save the following five treasures: 

  1. Health saving: Of course, health is a sacred asset to all. When a person has a health problem, that person will find it very difficult to create happiness and struggle to enjoy complete freedom because healing often costs a lot of money and time. Therefore, staying healthy is an important consideration for all individuals. Staying healthy can be done through proper diet and regular exercise.

  2. Knowledge saving: In addition to staying healthy, another thing that every person should do is saving or increasing your knowledge and skills. In the context of our constantly evolving universe, one must constantly increase his or her ability and potential to adapt to the changing circumstances or create something new for themselves and humanity in general. If we do not work hard to improve our knowledge, we will not be able to adapt ourselves with this changing world. We will become someone who is always behind, which is one of the main reasons why we lose so many opportunities. During such time, it is difficult for us to find happiness and freedom for ourselves and for our families. Of course, we can improve our knowledge and skills through regular research.

  3. Wealth saving: The concept that money cannot buy happiness is not necessarily always the case. Without money, how can we find happiness and freedom? In the light of natural laws, economic and social factors, everyone needs enough food to eat, appropriate clothing to cover the body, money to afford a proper living, and so forth. So, without wealth, it will be difficult to find happiness and freedom for ourselves and our families. But the means of creating and using that wealth to generate happiness and freedom solely depends on the individual. Regarding this concept of saving wealth, Mr. Nget Chou advised that you should save part of your earnings and then make investments with that money to gradually increase wealth.

  4. Time saving: The ancient Khmer word often says, "Time is money." The meaning of this statement is in reference to the value of time that each individual has equally. Many theories of success highlight the importance of using time wisely, which is one of the key factors that drives people toward high productivity and the proudest results. Saving time is one of the most important tasks for us to achieve happiness and freedom because time is an element of our lives. Without proper time management, we will not be able to accomplish much of the work well. We will only get lazy and produce good outcomes while losing a lot of time, which is a waste of opportunities to find happiness and freedom for ourselves and our family.

  5. Friend saving: of course, good friends are a source of knowledge, support, and happiness. Having good friends, we will grow in terms of knowledge, experience, and wealth. In Khmer's saying, we always say, "Befriend a doctor, you will be a doctor, but if you are a friend with a villain, you will become a villain too.” Becoming a doctor or a villain is one that determines your future, which includes happiness and freedom. Therefore, everyone should save as many good friends as possible by befriending good people in the society. 

By: Tang Somphos