Jack Ma: The current academic subjects won’t help the future generations survive in this digital era​

Jack Ma, a well-known Chinese billionaire, who persevered through difficulties and poverty as being an English language teacher in his early years, had been rejected 30 times from his job applications before he founded one of the most successful global companies to date, Alibaba, in 1999. He said that he encountered many talented people who possess undeniable capacities, but they were rejected due to academic failures in school.

On the Forbes Global CEO Conference staged in Singapore, Mr. Ma stated, “I have seen many entrepreneurs who are just like me.” He was referring to his two colleagues who are the founders of Alipay and Taobao, and they had been once failed in their university in pursuing master's degree because of not being able to pass math subject.

His only intention of mentioning this is to clarify that the current academic subjects in many global universities are becoming disconnected from real-life working environment in the current advanced digital era.

“In this modern industrialization, you have to be capable of remembering, remembering more, and calculating faster. These are the qualities that modern machines have been outcompeting your capabilities. These posting outcomes are the things that have been fearing me about the upcoming 20 to 30 years where the future generations could no longer depend on the current educational subjects that they have been learning in universities,” he said. 

He also revealed his ultimate plan to involve in social charity in educational sector, motivate, and empower the new generations to be more independent of their thoughts and life.

“We have to teach our kids to embrace creativity, develop critical thinking, and conceptualize innovation so that they can catch up with the fast pace of modern AI evolution. I really want to achieve more on this matter,” stated Ma. 

By: NOEUN Vannak