Anxiety Is A Sign of Depression, What Are the Symptoms and Treatments of Depression?​

Anxiety is a state of severe fear, which often manifests as physical symptoms with an increase in the autonomic nervous systems such as chest tremors and sweating. People who have depression often get scared without any reason. Depression is a kind of mental illness that has seen a sharp increase. 700 to 800 people in every 1000 people have depression. 

During the health conference, Professor Yim Sobotra, a psychiatrist and a director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse at Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, brought up the topic of “Depression and Anxiety”, prepared by Lotus Radio. He stated that Anxiety is divided into 3 levels. The first level is mild with normal symptoms when you are worried, but only for a short time. 

The second level is intermediate. If this level becomes severe, we need to use medicine to treat the patient. With that said, the third level is severe ( lasts at least one month). Patients with severe symptoms require close attention during treatment. Some of the factors that cause depression are social factors, biological factors, and mental factors. 

We often find that people with this illness feel scared and unsettled, feel physical pain and fatigue with no reason, have dry eyes and mouth and irritated ears, their hearts beat fast, experience shortness of breath, have sticky sweat with cold hands and feet. They use the restroom often and have headaches. As for their mental being, they feel scared, hot-tempered, easily get mad and irritated, and lose motivation to work. 

People with depression are not hopeless. There are methods to help treat them. The first treatment method is to change their daily habits such as exercise often, reduce drinking alcohol, stay positive, and change their diets. The second method is to use medicine if the illness reaches a severe state and requires the help of doctors and prescriptions. The third method is going for therapy and allowing them to talk to you and help you go through it. 

By: Moeun Kimyan