Founder of Cam-Paint Soum Sambath: Location is the breath of your business​

Som Sambath, the founder of Cam-Paint, brought up that, "location is the breath of your business." This successful entrepreneur stated so in a conference on the topic: "The Arts of Negotiation," which took place at CJCC on August 6th, 2017. 

When starting a business, choosing a location is the deciding factor on whether or not your business will be successful. Therefore, you have to choose the right location and think clearly about that particular location.

Mr. Sambath explained that if you want your business to continue, you have to choose a great location where people can easily find and that have a lot of people passing by. You must not be stingy with your budget when it comes to location because it is crucial for the business.

He mentioned that if you rent a cheap location, but it is quiet, then you will not have a lot of sales. This means you will not gain revenues, which might lead to your business’s collapse since opening business already has a lot of risks. Thus, your business will fail without revenues.

"You can lack money but you cannot lack ideas," said Sambath, adding that his advice would be able to help new generation of entrepreneurs make better decisions when it comes to business location.

By: San Seiha