Green Resort, the first agri-tourism investment model in Cambodia for those looking for long-term investment​

Located in Terk Phos District, Kampong Chhnang Province (104 kilometers from Phnom Penh), the first ever agri-tourism investment model Green Resort is currently transforming itself in the reality. Incomparably, this unique resort possess a lot of potential benefits for those who are looking for long-term investment that you will not see amongst other projects in Cambodia.

Sitting on a very interesting strategic spot and surrounded by some potential provinces, Green Resort will become one of the most national and international tourist-attracting sites in Cambodia due to potentials from environmental and natural resources.

From natural waterfalls to undeniable beauty of surrounding mountain ranges including highest mountain in the Kingdom Phnom Aoral, the Green Resort is being renovated into several future plans such as canoe and fishing streams, green farm, mixed gardens, home-stay, exponential fruits and expensive trees and other fresh enjoying leisure that offer natural lifestyles and long-term income for many people who possess that piece of golden land.

Why We Pick this Location:

• Surrounded by natural mountain ranges with natural woods as well as fresh air and undeniable stunning sight of nature wiht only about 20km away from the Peak of Aoral Mountain, the highest one in Cambodia 

• Bordering by natural streams and orchid bamboo trees 

• Natural waterfalls behind the resort that can be innovated into waterway for canoeing, fishing stream, walk-along pathway along the stream for relaxing and supplying water for crops and trees on the land  

• All season-blossoming flower gardens

Ultimate Vision of Green Resort:

• Develop and renovate the biggest high standard resort in Cambodia

• Enhance nature-loving lifestyle

• Generate more job opportunities for the locals 

• Emphasize the quality of local products and supply them within domestic and international markets 

• Boost pride and long-term egotism

• Provide unlimited financial source for the landowner and for the workers in the resort

Our Offers:

• Big land plot of 20x50 meters per unit 

• Grant full ownership record signed by the lawyer

• Hard land title 

• Plant date palm, dwarf coconut, durian, lichee, longan (total 50 trees) 

• Plant 8 expensive trees (rosewood….) for middle unit and 27 expensive trees for corner unit 

• Free gardening and taking care for 2 years

• For building a homestay with two rooms (incomes from renting the homestay from $100-$200 per room)

• Large profit margin if the landowner decides to sell because the price goes up (est. $10000/ annually)

• Can be sold out if the owner wishes to sell  

• Long-term source of income for generations 

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