Learn to Be An Employee with Pride to Become a Confident Boss​

Some people think that being an employee is not good because they do not know when they will be rich, only those who dare to start their own business will know. Regarding this opinion, Mr. Soum Sambath, CEO of Cam-Paint, mentioned "Learn to work with pride to be able to become a proud and confident boss."

Mr. Sambath said that we must not think of ourselves as inferior when we work for others. We need to think that a workplace is a place where we can learn new ideas and knowledge without spending any money, and it is a place where we can gain experiences both right and wrong and where we can also profit. 

The director added that, “If we are not proud to work for someone else, how are you supposed to have the pride lead other workers once you are a boss?”

He added that we need to learn to invest before we go into business. That is, do not be lazy to work for others. And do not go start a business without experience. This is an important issue, so we need to learn to save ideas, save money, and save experiences.

By: Sareth Moy