4 Ways to Protect Yourself from Depression, says Venerable Kou Sopheap​

Depression is a serious and dangerous disease that often leads to negative thoughts and even suicide. Other times it can even lead to murder. Sharing in the Health Workshop on "Depression and Anxiety", Venerable Kou Sopheap shared four moral approaches that can protect us from depression. The monk said that if we do not want to suffer from mental illness, we must seek our own well-being:

1. Happiness from wealth (Atthi sukha):
Have a good job, have the right business to get a decent income, we will not worry and about life problems, which are the cause of anxiety and lead us to fall into depression. But to earn this money, we must be satisfied with our own ability, not to be jealous and compare ourselves to others. 

2. Happiness from using wealth in the right way (Bhoga sukha):
Do not spend your money on gambling and other mischiefs. The important thing is to think about buying only what is needed for use and do not waste it just to show off to others. Moreover, it is important to have a healthy atmosphere in the house: arranging furniture and supplies in an orderly manner, opening doors and windows for adequate ventilation.

3. Happiness from being debt-free (Ānaṇya sukha):
Think about the balance of income and expenses, if they borrow, they borrow moderately. The world's number one billionaire said it would be best if we could do business without being in debt. Debt should also be in moderation.

4. Happiness from not making mistakes (Anavajjasukha): 
Do not commit crimes, both physical and mental, that harm others. When we don’t commit crimes, we will not feel afraid, so our mind will be calm. Use the body to help others, use the mouth to say useful words, and have the right mindset.

By: Sareth Moy