Two questions let you know your passionate career​

Thai Vantha, also knwon as Jerry Thai, the founder of @homePhotography, which most people, especially the young, know him through his photography workshops and masterpieces. In an interview with BizKh Asia, Mr. Jerry shared two important questions that you should ask ourselves so that we can find out what our real passionate career.

Mr. Jerry said that when people, especially young people, do not have a clear goal, they do not know what to choose, so they let the whole society tell them how to "make money." They think that whatever job or whereever place allows them to make money, they will do it. They think it is where they can find what they really like. 

Mr. Jerry emphasized that, "You know whether it is a job or business you love when you do that task by knowing that you have not made any money from it, nor do you know when you will. However, you are happy to do it without anyone forcing you, and you are so dedicated to the point where you forget time; you do it until you produce results. That is when you know that is something you are passionate about and love."

"For example, I spent a lot of time researching the arts of photography. It didn't provide me any monetary value, meaning I was not earning anything, but I was happy to do it, said Mr. Jerry.

This is the first question we should ask yourself. After we find out what we spent our time doing, even if we didn't earn anything from it. The next thing we should ask ourselves is: "Can we continue to make a living with this profession or career for the rest of our lives?"

"This is the most important point, so if we "believe" in our choices and you can answer that you really love this career, that means what we choose is the right thing. These are key points," said Mr. Jerry. 

He added, “When we give our customers the results, they respond with thanks and a smile in addition to the payment, and we're happy with the thanks and smiles from them, it just proves what we do is something we really love, not only for money. ”