Sorm Sambath, CEO of CAM-PAINT: "Learn to Invest before Running a Business"​

"If you do not have enough experience in running a business, do not be too pround of yourself. You have to learn how to invest before trying to open a business," said Sorm Sambath, the CEO of CAM-PAINT Group.

Mr. Sambath claimed that when we have little fund, we have to find someone who is great at doing a business and use the money we have to invest with that person in order to study and observe the ways to do a business. You must not pretend to know everything and rush to open your business without any experience.

"Little investment with someone who knows how to run a business helps because you might sometimes not need to open your own business as you can invest in 2 or 3 different places. This would already make you part of those businesses," said Mr. Sambath.

"Some want to be an entrepreneur but sometimes they want it so badly that they could not keep up," he continued jokingly.

Mr. Sambath added that "small but consistent profits are much better than fluctuations in profits and losses. That is why I said you must learn to invest with someone who already owns a business. I personally like leaping forward. I’ve had losses and failures, but my ideas and creativity are what allow me to make successful leaps at times."

By: San Seiha