Men Sopha, An Accounting Expert: If You Don’t Understand Accounting Basics, You Won't Know It for A Lifetime​

Men Sopha, an accounting expert with over 10 years of working experience in big companies, claimed that accounting skills are not easy to learn, and if we don’t try hard to learn the basics, you will not probably know it for a lifetime . This was said during a training session on “Simple Accounting Skills for Entrepreneurs” organized by ECC at Park Cafe.

Mr. Sopha asserted that he had spent a lot of time studying accounting but still could not grasp the concept because he did not focus on the basics. But then he turned to study the fundamentals of accounting and became a professional in this field.

“If you don’t understand accounting basics, you will not probably know it for a lifetime ...and anything related to it won’t make sense,” he said.

He added that accounting fundamentals are not too difficult to learn. If one is good at mathematics and studies hard to understand the key and important topics, it will take about one week at the longest to understand. But those who are not good at math, they will take around 2 weeks or a little bit longer. Otherwise, if one doesn’t understand the fundamentals then it is impossible to understand the whole process.

By: Yuulin An