Criticisms from Consumers Are Positive Signs of The Products or Services​

Mr. Soma Sundram, a Malaysian Real Estate expert, said that if customers are complaining and criticizing your products or services, we should be happy because the study shows that if people are not interested in something, they will not care about it. This means that if we see that customers come to see the products and criticize this or that, we should be happy since it is a sign of interest and they do so to get special offers from us.

At the Forum hosted by KW Cambodia about “ASEAN Real Estate Development 2020, Growth and Decline,” Mr. Soma Sundram, the Secretary-General of the ASEAN Real Estate Network Alliance (ARENA), mentioned an example that if they do not like the car, they will just look at it; however, if there are criticisms from them, it implies that they are interested in it. 

According to Mr. Soma Sundrum, to attract more customers, first, we should be optimistic, know our products well, and build consumer trust. Besides, we need high confidence, which comes from our honesty. We must show that we are not taking advantage of the customers. We want to help them and provide them their needs.

By: Hon SreyNit