Cambodia's 23 Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 on 25 July​

Ministry of Health of Cambodia confirmed 23 more Covid-19 cases today, bringing the tally to 225, according to the ministry’s announcement issued today.

In the statement, 23 cases, including 19 Cambodians and 4 Indonesians, were tested positive for Covid-19 on July 24, 2020. 

Three Indonesian men, aged 37,32 and 35, are receiving medical treatment at Chak Angre Health Centre and another 47-year-old Indonesian woman is getting treatment at Khmer-Soviet Friendship hospital in the capital. The four came from Indonesia through an AK 538 flight which arrived in Cambodia on 23 July.

Three Cambodian men and another woman tested positive for Covid-19 returned from Indonesia via KR 708 flight, arriving in Cambodia on 23 July with other 54 passengers tested negative who are kept in quarantine at Air Defense Headquarters in the capital. 

Another 15 confirmed Cambodians came back from Russia and Eygpt via a Malaysian flight, arriving in Cambodia on 19 July.

As of today, Cambodian has had a tally of 225, 143 of whom were discharged from hospitals. 

By: LUNG Vannak