Seng Takakneary, Founder of CWEA : Success Depends On Our Internal Factors​

Seng Takakneary is the Founder and Chairman of board of directors of Cambodia Women Entrepreneurs Association (CWEA) as well as Managing Director at SentoSaSilk Co. Ltd., which designing Khmer silk into clothes and accessories that has won numerous awards. 

At an experience-sharing interview, Ms. Takakneary emphasized, “Everything depends on the internal factors, and if a person wants to succeed, they must know how to build those internal factors first.”

Ms. Takakneary added that nowadays there are some people who made mistakes and did not learn from them. For those who do not have good disciplines and rules and do not want to improve themselves, how can they succeed? Definitely, they can’t. Thus, she believed that the key to success is internal or so-called soft skills that each of us should develop.

The outstanding entrepreneur added that if anyone wants success, but sometimes success is only an outward appearance because we do not build it from the inside, do not understand it well, and do not even build it out of love. Thus, the first thing we should do is to love ourselves and prepare ourselves well before starting anything.

Each of us is a role model and a successor, so we must be honest and good to be respected. Ms. Takakneary mentioned that she values soft skills like good manners and the seven good habits of highly effective people.  

She considers an individual as a successful person not because of their wealth, but their pure heart and how much that person can contribute to the society. 

“When I see the society and people around me improve, that’s my success and happiness,” said Takakneary.

By: Yuulin An