Third Camping Event for Business Owners and Managers​

Dear respected business owners/start-upers/managers,

Covid-19 is still on the top of business risks in 2020. Most businesses are now struggling to survive while many countries have imposed lockdown in place to reduce the spread of coronavirus. As the business owners, senior managers, or managers, we need to review our existing strategies and re-establish flexible marketing & business ones to survive amid this hard time.

With the venue sponsored by Chhlat Realty, WeStrong Realty and Green Resort, BizKhmer Media is conducting the 3rd one-night camping at Green Resort on June 20th, 2020. Our main purpose is to share one main topic: “Marketing & Business Flexibility amid Covid19“. The topic will be mainly presented by Mr. Sophearith, founder of BizKhmer Media and four other participants to share as well. Mr. Sophearith will highlight the cases based on his expertise and his personal experiences in leading his startups.

  • Standard fee is $19 for covering transportation, food, tents, and drinks.
  • Learn, share and earn. Make fun, make friendship, and make business stronger.
  • Booking: 017 49 59 60/010 24 33 44
  • Registering Link: