From a Fatherless Orphan to the Founder of a Large Construction Material Supply Company in Cambodia​

Many people have probably heard Hout Chea Co., Ltd, a large franchised construction material supply company in Cambodia founded by a Cambodian businessman Hout Chea. What is behind this company success?

Mr. Hout Chea, founder and CEO of Hout Chea Co., Ltd, was born in a poor family in Prey Phdau commune, Prey Kabbas district, Takeo province. Mr. Chea became an orphan as his father lost his life to robbery in 1980. Attending a workshop organized by Marketing Association of Cambodia, he said, “when I first moved to Phnom Penh, I lived in a slum in Chamkarmon district, and my mother sold vegetables for a living at Boeng Keng Kang market.” 

“I was born into a really poor family and didn’t know when poverty would end for us, so I had to study hard,” he added. 

Telling BizKh after the conference, he said he had continued his studies in Phnom Penh in 1997 where he first studied at Toul Tom Poung School for one year and then pursued a Bachelor’s Degree for four years at National University of Management (NUM).  

He added that it is important to surround ourselves with good people and do things that will bring us success during our study. 

After his graduation, he worked at a company where he had opportunities to learn from his working to gain experiences. Through working, he absorbed a lot of knowledge from the business industry. 

He asserted that, “everyone has their own vision, and for me, I want to be a famous and successful businessman and help the next Cambodian generation.” 

Poverty pushed him to persevere, study hard, associate himself with good people and good doings. These factors along with his gratitude helped him get where he is today. 

Mr. Hout Chea: “On the way to success, there is no trace of lazy men.”

By: Yuulin An