“Cruelty Springs from Weakness”: Seneca the Younger​

The brain is like a giant locomotive, controlling all the functions inside our body. The mind is the commander and when it’s strong, you will become a strong person and avoid cruel behavior. However, you will be a wimp if your brain is weak. This indicates that filling your brain with bad programs or weaknesses will result in you becoming pessimistic, useless, and cruel.

Seneca the Younger stated that “Cruelty springs from weakness.” Everything is created by your mind, not your eyes, ears, or nose. A weak brain weakens the person because that person does not have the ability to think carefully, resulting in irrational decisions. The person becomes arrogant, loves gossiping, very pessimistic, cruel, and unable to control their temper.

Your brain controls everything. It is possible that you will become useless and encounter failures even with a great diploma when your mind is fragile. The weakness of the mind and weakness of the spirit all lead to bad consequences for ourselves and the people around us.  

With that said, you should always try to strengthen your mind and install good functions or programs: knowledge, rational thinking process, wealth, problem-solving, communication, and exploration. With a powerful brain, nothing can stop you. Emily Dickinson emphasized that “the brain is wider than the sky.”

By: Moeun Kimyan