Two Strategies to Win of Stock Exchange Trading: Ms. Suy Serey Leakhena​

“If you invest in the stock exchange, choose the right securities, and buy and sell them at the right time, you will gain a lot of profit, which is much less than investing in the real estate sector," said His Excellency Hong Sochua, general director of Cambodia Securities Exchange, during a press conference on trading strategies from the winners of the stock trading competition and investment potential on the Cambodia Securities Exchange on February 26, 2020. 

What should we look for to gain huge profits when trading in a stock market? Ms. Suy Serey Leakhena, who was the winner of the stock trading competition, shared her strategies below:

During the press conference, Ms. Serey Leakhena stated that the first strategy is to buy at the lowest price possible and quickly sell it at a higher price. She bought at Phnom Penh Port Company at 12,000 riels and decided to quickly sell it at 12,500 riels. 

Second Strategy: You must sell it instantly if you realize that the chance to make a profit is gone and must grab the new opportunity that allows you to make a profit. For instance, when she noticed an opportunity with Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority, she made a decision to buy it at 6,000 riels per share. 

She added that once she bought it, there’s someone selling the stock at 6,000 for a lot of shares, causing her to lose the chance to make a profit. This led her to make a decision to instantly sell the share at 5,680 riels per share even if it caused her a small loss. She would then search for other companies to make a profit. 

She further stated that before the competition, she will evaluate the condition of the shares and predicted the rise and fall of the share. The next step is to evaluate the chance to invest by paying attention to 4 important things:

  1. Support Requirements: If the need surpasses the support, the price will increase
  2. The gap between buyers and sellers: The bigger the gap, the bigger the profit
  3. Buying and selling trends: Do an analysis of the rise and fall of the price 
  4. Trading Behavior

By: Moeun Kimyan