Plato: “Love Is a Serious Mental Disease”​

By nature, everyone will fall in love. Love can make people feel happy and romantic. Once you fall into the pit of love, it could be hard to get out. You will feel as if the entire world revolves around you and your partner and you see the beauty of everything around you. However, a break-up is a different story.

Plato, a Greek philosopher, once said: “love is a serious mental disease”. This is absolutely right because when people fall in love, they see the bright side of things. They feel like they have everything they are going to ever need in life. But when they break up, they feel as if they lose the meaning of their lives. They feel lonely and depressed. They can lose their minds and not think straight, sometimes even leading to suicide. 

You can lie to everyone around you that you are doing fine, but you cannot lie to yourself. After a breakup, many people would rather hide their feelings despite how much pain they experience to the point where the pain is unbearable. Love is a deadly mental disease that continually haunts you every second.

The pain usually eases with time and your treatments. Time is a remedy to heal heartaches. One must remember to never let this disease conquer you.