Worthless People​

Everyone has his or her value, so keep it good. Human values are associated with morality, virtue, love, mutual help, honesty, and loyalty. However, people lose their morality through deceiving and lying to others for the sake of greater self-gain.

“By a lie a man throws away and as it were annihilates his dignity as a man,” said Immanuel Kant. Lies and deceptions cause you to lose your human value. Lying once is okay, cheating once is okay, being a hypocrite once is okay. However, after a while, others will notice your evil sides. Your value begins to fade when others know the kind of person you truly are, they begin to despise you even though you do not show it in front of them. Also, those who take advantage of others for their greed, even though others might not notice it, you know best.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value,” said Albert Einstein. What is your success when you get from doing dirty work? What is your success when you keep gossiping? What is your success when you get from taking advantage of others? What is your success if you keep butt-in other’s business? Success is useless if you are selfish and irrational. Success is worthless if you are a liar, a deceiver, a hypocrite, and evil.

By: Hon SreyNit