Khnang Phsa, the New Sensational Camp Destination to Discover​

With trail through the jungle, clouds on the hilltop, and incredible greenery, Khnang Phsa, a newly-discovered tourist site, has quickly become a hot traveling destination for adventurers.

Khnang Phsa is a natural tourist attraction located on the border of three provinces: Kampong Speu, Koh Kong, and Pursat. This mountainous area is dense with pine forests, high valleys, and numerous wildlife. It is 1,017 meters high and stays vividly green all seasons long. It is best to explore the area with three days, two nights camping trip.

First Day: Travel to the Camping Site

The journey begins in Phnom Penh and travels along the National Road 4 for about 50 km to Krong Chbar Mon of Kampong Speu province where you could buy additional camping equipment or foods for the camping trip. When you arrive at Krong Chbar Mon, continue along Road 44 from the Oral roundabout for 35 km to Ralak Khang Cheung Village, Ta Sal Commune (Khnang Phsa Community).

You could contact the locals there for a booked meal and guide before you arrive there. There, in the local environmental office, you need to register your name before continuing on a trailer pulled by a small two-wheel tractor for about two hours. Then, walk through the dense jungle up the hill for approximately 5 hours until you reach the destination.

Second Day: Experience the Incredible View of Sunrise and Sunset on Khnang Phsa

To best enjoy the sunrise on Khnang Phsa is to wake up early in the morning, prepare breakfast, pack camping equipment, and walk for an hour and a half to the hilltop. There, you can enjoy the cool morning breeze, the incredible greenery all around you, and the swirling, misty clouds floating just above the hills. The morning is a great opportunity to capture the green and humid scenery and to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the cool morning.

Moving on from Khnang Phsa, the trail continues for the sunset destination: Khnang Krapeu. It will take you around 4 hours from Khnang Phsa to Khnang Krapeu. Like Khnang Phsa, there will be breathtaking scenery and many opportunities to take many great photos.  As the cool breeze set in in the evening, you will enjoy a nice chat around the campfire. Then, you will enjoy a hot dinner after a long day of walking and spend another night in the tent.

Third Day: Return to the civilization

After a good night of sleep, it is time to eat breakfast, pack up, and begin the return trip. You will be back reminiscing about the beautiful scenery of nature and the memory of the friendship you made along the way. You will be at home with a cup of coffee and thinking about the day you might return for another trip.

For Your Information
Depend on when you go there, there might be rain. Pack raincoat or rain-protected gear in rainy season There also will be no toilet facilities along the way of the trails.

Contact info:
Local Environmental Officer: Mr. Chea Yuthea: 096 22 76 76 7
Local Community Guide: 015 704 988

By: You Narun