Discover Nam Lear Mountain: A Hilltop of Spectacular View and An Indigenous Tribe Origin Story​

Nam Lear mountain is a popular trekking site in Mondulkiri Province with its spectacular jungle surrounding and a legend of the indigenous Punong tribe there.

Located about 48 km from Krong Sen Monorom of Mondulkiri Province, the northeastern region of Cambodia, it is 4 km from the Cambodian-Vietnamese border. Nam Lear mountain is only a kilometer high. This charming site is a go-to site for many local and foreign tourists.

Trekking to the top of Nam Lear is pleasant yet terrifying since the tourists need to carefully walk up the steep smooth slap rock surface on the side of the mountain. Tourists need to trek with caution, even though the rock surface provides enough grip for the trekkers to ascend with ease. Along the way, the trekkers will discover that the mountain is filled with beautiful cliffs and small streams with green, dense jungle behind.

On the top of the bald mountain, the trekkers will experience the 360 views of the lush jungle around the mountain. The swift wind will be gushing stronger as if the blow of the heat and exhaustion away from the adventurers who successfully climb the mountain. The hilltop presences a great opportunity to take a photograph of the peaceful and awe-inspiring scene created by mother nature.

Descending down the hilltop, the adventurers will find them a well of spring water that exists there all seasons on the flank of the mountain. The indigenous tribe there called it “Andong Sne” or Love Well. They believe that a person used the water from that spring well, the person will become more charming or have love charms. Besides being a nature tourist destination, Nam Lear is also a historical destination where it holds a location of the legend of the Punong indigenous people.

Along the way down, the trekker will also find a hole that leads to a small cave which is Punong people believe to be where the tribe comes from. According to the legend, the first of the Punong people came from that cave. And the original name of Nam Lear Mountain is “Dam Lear” which when translated to Khmer means Cricket Man Mountain. As time go by, the word “Dam Lear” has become “Nam Lear” which is the present name of the mountain. This is why the mountain held so much significance for the indigenous people who still live near there.

Because of its popularity, many travel agencies are organizing tours for the tourists to get the most of the beautiful nature and significant history that Nam Lear mountain offers.

By: You Narun