Chen Sopheap, Founder of Keiy Tambanh Khmer Association: Five Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur”​

Being a successful entrepreneur is a difficult job, and not everyone can do it. Chen Sopheap, the founder of Keiy Tambanh Khmer Association, offered to share five qualities of a successful entrepreneur at a study tour program organized by Klahan9 at University of Cambodia. She shared five qualities of a scuccessful entreprenuer as below:

1. Self-discipline: Self-discipline is very important because it is like our skeleton that helps us stand strong. Being on time, managing work effectively are examples of personal discipline, and if we do not have personal discipline, we cannot be successful entrepreneurs. The world is always changing every second and so should our self-discipline.

2. Integrity: Integrity is the most important in business because a successful entrepreneur depends on people’s trust. Ms. Chen Sopheap stated: “ My customers help sell my products because words spread from 100 customers to another 100 people, thus my silk business is able to sell 100%.”

3. Perseverance: You need high commitment both mentally and physically in work instead of focusing on criticism and feeling discouraged.

4. Understand Goals: Be proactive and have a clear goal for yourself. Write a journal and set a clear schedule in order to understand how important every second is. 

5. Clear Direction and Action: When we have a clear plan, we need actions to succeed our goals. Ms. Chen Sopheap provided a short proverb: “ We are not fit to be human if we are the same today and tomorrow.”