“Starting a Business is Like Taking Care of a Newborn Baby,” says CEO of G Gear Sok Piseth​

CEO and Co-founder of G Gear Co., Ltd, Tycoon Sok Piseth recently spoke at an event organized by Park Café that, “Starting a business is like taking care of a newborn baby.” Stating so, Sok Piseth hopes to encourage entrepreneurs who want to start their own business to put enough time, effort and care to succeed.

He added that there are two types of people: those who work for others and those who start their own business. Some people work to gain salary and also start a side hustle. It is risky if you do both at the same time. 

“For example, if someone is a sales or marketing manager, and the salary is around $1000 to $3000, so they think they could start a business with their particular specialty. However, they do them at the same time. They do not want to quit their job or to lose that source of income. They dont know if that business will be a success or not. They must divide their time between working and starting a business instead.”

If you begin a business this way, chances of success are really low because starting a business is like taking care of a newborn baby. It requires a lot of time and energy.

He added that in addition to being passionate, entreprenuers must have strong commitment and sufficient time. Cleaning a bathroom counts as one of the first jobs for a business starter.

By: An Yuulin