If You Want to Start a Business, Do Not Forget to Consider about Information Technology (IT)​

Technology is changing and making people's lives easier and more modern from days to days since the system now covers almost all areas. Due to the importance and the indispensability, Mr. Yorng Pak, CEO of Agrebee Cambodia, said “When considering starting a business, you first need to think about IT whether it is related.”  

The remarks were made during the The Executive Talks 2020 under the theme “Growth Opportunities in Agri-Business Sectors” at the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSE) on 31st January 2020 .

On that occasion, Mr. Yorng Pak said that technology can really help a lot especially for those who want to do business in the field of agriculture like him. He needs to focus a lot on IT such as knowing how to use certain programs or at least know how to search in google about whether the business we want to start is done by anyone yet and if we want to do it how can we learn from them.

He continued that finance in his company which manages hundreds of million dollars and controls over hundreds of people is using only two people. In addition, the two of them have important roles in technology management and commands including staff salaries and staff recruitment and everything runs smoothly.

Along with Mr. Yorng Pak, Mr. Song Khenglean, President of CSL Enterprise also shared that technology is important and very helpful. Moreover, in the future, if there is a lack of technology, the business will not be able to keep up, but what is even more important is to have solid foundation of the production process.

By: Hon SreyNit