Be the Ginseng, Not the Rusty Metal in A Company​

Employees do not want to hear that they have become rusty metal because this word has been used incorrectly towards many who have worked for a long time. Not all employees who have worked at one institution for a long time are rusty because some employees have really sacrificed a lot towards the success of their workplace.

In an interview with BizKh Asia, Ms. Khun Pisey, Founder of Workingna, said, “You should never let anyone say that you are "rusty" in a workplace because being rusty never benefits. If something becomes rusty, there will be problems, so you need to clean it.”

“Neither do Institutions want employees who are inconsistent with them, nor do they want a person who stays in the same position for a very long time. They want improvements from their employees because companies will eventually change and advance in the future. The success of a company comes from the development of the staff. ”

Institutions do not want to lose a talented worker who can contribute to the success of the company. It all ties back to each individual's decisions. What should one do to become the ginseng that your institution values?

Ms. Pisey also added that institutions are always happy that their workers have stayed with them for a long period of time because they have persevered through every obstacle with the company. They are the ones who will receive incentives financially and non financially. Workers should always ask themselves whether their contributions to the company matches what the company offers. If your presence brings out a negative atmosphere, it is time to leave. 

Workingna is a new and innovative online job portal which is established to fulfill the hiring gap. This ultimate platform is generated in the website and mobile application to bring the value of flexibility and convenience where employers and job seekers are connected. 

By: Moy Sareth