Prof. Lun Borey’s Mission to Add More Value to Cambodian People​

Prof. Lun Borey took the journey through struggles and difficulties to get where his company, 3G Agent Co., Ltd is standing today.

With open-mindedness throughout his career, he had walked through his 15-year working experience from one industry to another until he finally reached a Senior Management position.

He started to found 3G Agent Co., Ltd in 2013 and became a professional service provider specializing in Recruitment, Capacity Development, and Job Posting with the ultimate goal of supporting both employees and employers to make their life successful. 

During the first 2 years, he almost decided to close the company since there were so many serious issues such as internal conflict and low trust from customers. But thankfully, he never gave up and continued his journey, and drove the company to be the most wanted company in HR Business Partner. 

Pro. Borey said that: 

Starting a company is one thing but maintaining sustainable business growth is the most important. An entrepreneur must have clear short-term and long-term goals, know-how in performing the job, pure love in doing the job, and a great team leader who cares and takes serious responsibilities on their tasks. A business owner must be equipped with a strong personality and capacity to challenge all issues and turn all problems into opportunities.

Based on his competency, effort, and credibility, he was globally recognized in early 2018. Moreover, he was regarded as a Certified ASEAN Marketer, representing Cambodia to speak to more than 3,000 participants across ASEAN nations at Jakarta, Indonesia.

In the same year, he was awarded as Global Leadership Practitioner in London, England. Impressively, he is one of a very few Cambodians who got Certified as International Dr. John C. Maxwell Leadership Trainer/Speaker/Coach in Orlando, Florida, USA.