Why Should Business Owners Consider Fundraising rather than Profits?​

“Business owners should start considering about doing more modern business, especially they should think about how to increase the value of their company or business rather than just thinking about the profits” stated by his Excellency Hong Sokhour, CEO of Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), in The Executive Talks 2020 under the theme “Growth opportunities in Agri-Business sectors” in the past days.

On that occasion, his Excellency encouraged all business owners not to only seek for profits, but they should find opportunities to increase the value of their company or business through doing modern business such as fundraising because once the company frequently doing great in raising funds, then the company’s value increases gradually, which in the future the company may increase their value to billion of dollars.

His Excellency continued that once the value of the company rises higher when the owner needs more money to use, it is not necessary to gradually save the profits, they could just sell the company’s shares. For example, the world’s billionaire, Bill Gates, when he needed money, he sold 0.01% of his shares and he got hundreds of millions of dollars back to use.

The CEO of the Cambodia Securities Exchange also confirmed that start-ups are not allowed to be listed in the stock market yet because start-ups are at high risks, out of 10 company up to 5 companies could go bankrupt in just two years.

By Hon SreyNit