When Seeking Jobs, Don’t Focus on A Company but Your Boss​

When seeking jobs, people tend to have the mindset that we need to work for big and popular companies. Does this mean that you need to work for big companies to have valuable impacts?

Mr. Im Sothearith is speaking in an event. 

PhD Im Sothearith, Director of Sales of Khmer Beverages and Human Resources Manager of Chip Mong Group, stated that when you are out seeking jobs, do not pay too much attention to national or international companies. What is most important who will you be working under? Will you be able to gain insights and improve yourself from this person? What can you learn from this person?

Stating during the event "Employer Vs Employee" that was organized by WORKINGNA, Mr. Sothearith pointed out that once you found a job, do not just use this job as a bridge into bigger companies. If you continue to think this way, you will not be able to improve yourself.

"The first thing you should keep in mind is where you can further learn and build on your skills? Do not care too much about whether it is an international or national company. Think about who do you want or need to work with," said Mr. Sothearith.

Mr. Bun Park, the CEO of Camazoon Co., Ltd

Similarly, Mr. Bun Park, CEO of CAMAZOON Co., Ltd and Founder of Phzar.com, also shared his perspective on the topic. He added that working in small or startup companies makes an employee an important part of the companies because sometimes an employee has 2-3 duties. By the time they leave the company, they will have become very important and talented human resources that a lot of big companies need. 

In today’s world, it is not enough to sit inside a classroom and learn. You need to get out and experience what it is like out there because companies value both education and experience. As said, it is important to start now and build your experience so that you can reach your goal. 

By: Moeun Kimyan