Social Media Helps Improve Business Efficiency, says Meng Sreylin, Co-founder of Smart Farm Assistance​

Online marketing has become the main target for business owners and talented entrepreneurs to advertise their products and services in this digital society. The benefits of doing online marketing or using social media include high creativity, low expenses, and increasing efficiency. 

Meng Sreylin, a Co-founder of Smart Farm Assistance, stated that the use of social media has allowed her agribusiness to grow and become well-known in a short period of time.

Ms. Sreylin added that in today’s world, there is a large number of people with smartphones or electronic devices. It is also important to note that there is a growing understanding of how to use social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Most people, living in urban or rural areas, have their personal Facebook accounts because it is easier for them to stay connected with their family. They spend time on social media like Facebook, allowing them to receive news, especially the agricultural industry. Thus, marketing your business on social media is effective in trying to reach a lot of people quickly.

Smart Farm Assistance is also using Facebook for the sale of Smart Valve, an automatic water remote control device. Her team’s plan succeeded at DakDam Incubation and won first place in Techno Innovation Challenge Cambodia 2019 and BarCamp ASEAN 2019.

After Smart Farm Assistance created a Facebook page and posted its automatic water controller device, Smart Valve, they have received a lot of calls from farmers who are interested in the device. The calls they are receiving are from people doing subsistence farming or farming on a larger scale. 

Smart Farm Assistance began just 4 months ago and has already sold 4 Smart Valves. Meng Sreylin emphasized that most of their customers come from Facebook.

“It is good to use social media for business, but it doesn’t mean to leave social interaction with customers behind. Face-to-face interaction is also the most important for businesses. 

Smart Farm Assistance is a beginning business plan established by a group of students to help the agricultural industry in Cambodia by creating automatic devices or remote control devices to help farmers manage the motor of the watering system in their farms.

This Smart Valve allows farmers to collect information on soil conditions: temperature and moisture. These tasks can be done using their phones, allowing them to save time, energy, and money spent on watering their crops.

Farmers can use their phones to turn on/off the valve. It works on smartphones and even old model Nokia phones. The system will send a message to your phone and you start to control the water even without using the internet. However, with smartphones, you can download the app to make it easier to control.

By: Moeun Kimyan