Two Points That Allow a Female Outstanding Entrepreneur to Have 4 Companies in Hands​

Truthfully, everyone has unique strengths, especially those who are wildly successful. They all have unique traits that catapult them into where they currently are. For example, Koung Sorita is an outstanding entrepreneur who presently has 4 companies in her hands. She reveals 2 essential attributes that led to her personal development and her immediate success.

1. Education: Ms. Sorita said, "I am a person who enjoys finding and learning new things, so I think that only knowledge could help myself. This is every business is different and has its own unique challenges. Therefore, I have to go back to school and continue to learn more about senior business management skills. I am presently pursuing Master of Business Administration. That is why I believe education is incredibly important for self-development."

2. Determination: This CEO claimed with confidence that, "well, I am a very determined individual, and I do not give up very easily. This is because I have encountered many obstacles, so if you are not strong enough, you cannot overcome them. But for me, I firmly believe that every problem has a solution. Most importantly, every problem is a life lesson; they can help us to improve ourselves in the future. Thus, I always try to think positively."

Additionally, Ms. Sorita mentioned that when we think positively, our mental health would be stronger. She wants women to break the typical housewives’ roles because she believes that women can put themselves into the work force and perform jobs other than ordinary housewives’ duties. Besides, she also warned that they must find balance between family and their work. 

By: San Seiha