Education Ministry Requests PM to Reopen Some Selected Schools​

Ros Soveacha, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport spokesperson, said on July 09 that the ministry will request Prime Minister Hun Sen to reopen some selected schools which are in line with Covid-19 safety measures in the first stage of school reopening in August.

He added that in the request, the ministry is planning to implement the first stage of opening of some international schools. 

This move is made after the Ministry of Education discussed with ministries of health and economic and other relevant authorities in regard to well-being and socio-economic factors.

The request is attached with regulations as following:

  1. Education institutes must ensure the health safety of the education ministry, health ministry, and the World Health, including proper school environment, social distancing, taking body temperature, wearing masks, and washing hands.
  2. Education institutes must apply some online classes if approved by parents.
  3. Education institutes must have a working group that is in charge of student safety under the supervision of the head of the institution.
  4. Educations institutes must have teachers and students tested for COVID-19.
  5. The Ministry of Education inspects and evaluates the implementation of education institutes.

Ministry of Education is planning to reopen schools in three phases, starting from next month onwards. 

In the first phase, the ministry of education will allow 15 international schools with high standards, including Japanese, English, American and French institutes, which have around 20,000 students, to operate. 

All schools and education institutes have been on a short-term holiday since March in an effort to contain COVID-19. 

By: LUNG Vannak