Tesla is ‘Very Close’ to Developing a Full-Autonomous Driving Technology, Musk Says​

At the opening of Shanghai’s annual World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), CEO of Tesla Inc Elon Musk confidently said that the company is ‘very close’ to achieving a level 5 autonomous driving technology, the capability to autopiloting without any assistance.

Elon Musk previously made the same claim to the extent that the company started charging its customers thousands of dollars for the “Full Self Driving” capability in 2016. However, for years the company was unable to develop the fully autonomous driving feature as the current Tesla’s autopilot system still requires active driver supervision.

“I remain confident that we will have the basic functionality for level 5 autonomy complete this year,” Musk claimed. 

Musk added that Tesla is developing a new cooling system to enable more advanced computers in vehicles to enhance the AI’s capabilities in Tesla’s autopilot system.

Despite his confidence, industry insiders have said that the technology is not ready as the technology is still in development, and the public will need time to trust full-autonomous vehicles.

Last month, Tesla has sold nearly 15,000 China-made Model 3 Sedans, and it overtook Toyota Motor Corps as the highest-valued automaker.

Alphabet Inc, Waymo, and Uber Technologies are developing autonomous driving by investing billions of dollars. 


By: Kimsreng Lay