Your Story Is Worth Telling and Knowing​

Everyone has their own interesting life story. Some have crossed the line of an easy life path. Meanwhile, others may come through something quite different. Many of us want to hear others’ life stories since behind the curtain is something that can be priceless to learn.  

Many successful entrepreneurs are considered as role models in both the life and working field. It is common for us to hear something about entrepreneurs who started from scratch and build a thriving startup. Some started their business journey with no capital, no funding, or even no expertise, but they were able to climb the ladder to reach recognizable success. 

Sometimes, a life story is even more interesting; and in the nature of things, people love to hear such hidden stories.

Knowing so, BizKh Asia has initiated a program, called “Tell Me Your Story” where you can expose your life story publicly. Not only do you share your hardship, but you can also share your knowledge, experience, life lessons, and odds in your life to those who are interested in your fascinating stories.

  1. Description
    Tell Me Your Story is a global program under BizKh Asia, which aims to create a portfolio of Cambodian outstanding entrepreneurs and well-known people for the purpose of exposing, inspiring and educating the next generation.
  2. Our Mission
    Tell Me Your Story is to gain entrepreneurs and talents in Cambodia to write their life story and share it to the world. On Tell Me Your Story, we are providing free knowledge, experiences, and ideas.
  3. Why Your Story Is Important?
    - It is not a biased writing but a real path of life.
    - It would be very critical for inspiring and sharing those who wish to move forward and succeed in life.
    - The piece of writing will be archived for longer period.
    - Business opportunities especially for Cambodia:
    Joining a Networking platform (across Southeast Asia) established for more business opportunities for you
    Involving in Business Matching platform
  4. Benefits
    - Unveil talents/entrepreneurs from different backgrounds & family conditions
    - Inspire the young to start a business with knowing what behind every success
    - Keep your knowledge and experiences as a treasure for young generations
    - Promote yourself to the regional market and the world
    - Promote your company
    - Keep it for your child, relatives, and friends 

Interested candidates may download the form and fill in with your information:

Send the form to
For more info, please contact  +885 96 354 5925